ABOUT 35 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES: August 2023 -The Death Of White America

9 months ago

A rare case of white-on-black killings, the triple murder at a Dollar Tree in Jacksonville, FL, attracted the attention of the President of the United States, eager to angry up his black base [‘Silence is complicity’: President Biden denounces racist shooting at Florida dollar store, by Grethel Aguila, Miami Herald, August 27, 2023]. It was used by the Leftist New Republic as evidence of the “threat” of mass right-wing violence [Violence Is Coming? Sorry, It’s Already Here—and Getting Worse, by Brynn Tannehill, New Republic, August 31, 2023].

But even including Jacksonville, there were only 4 (four) white-on-black homicides in August. In contrast, there were about 35 black-on-white killings (we fudge because a couple of the victims seem to be white Hispanics). As always, the Regime ignores this continuing carnage—in fact, it is probably exacerbating it: some of these killings appear to be random “Hate Crimes.”

The toll of white women is especially high this month. As usual, most were in relationships, or adjacent to relationships, with black Significant Others. But at least one is a robbery victim.

Unusually, here are also two cases of white victims involved with black women.

We also note the death of another police officer, unnoticed by a Ruling Class eager to lynch a Michael Slager or Derek Chauvin.

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