Dalmatian Puppy Shows Lots Of Love To Adorable Foster Kittens

Published August 8, 2017 8,748 Views $3.47 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHow precious is this? Zoey's family is fostering a litter of kittens for the local Humane Society and the Dalmatian pup couldn't be happier. It's absolutely smitten with the babies. The amount of love these kittens are getting from this pup is adorable. They have such a heart warming encounter. This pup doesn't care that they're not dogs, it's just happy that it has some awesome news friends, so lucky! The puppy loves to kiss these two adorable kittens. They also love cuddling with each other, so cute! These two kittens couldn't be any happier!

Dalmatians are very beautiful dogs that are very friendly. They love to show affection towards their family, as you can see by watching this adorable pup with the kittens! They are very intelligent and are easily trained. Time to teach your dog some tricks! They have a high energy level and love to play around! Dalmatians will always keep you entertained, so awesome!

Check out this video of a Dalmatian puppy befriending foster kittens! This is such an adorable video. You can never have enough love, so cute!

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