Playful sea otters show off underwater acrobatic skills

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Published: August 8, 2017

Sea otters are surprisingly graceful underwater. Their speed and agility are very impressive, yet this is not the only reason they are exceptional animals. They are specially adapted for life underwater, being able to hold their breath for up to eight minutes. They dive deep to the forage for urchins, molluscs and even fish. Sea urchins are a staple in the otter's diet which keeps the sea urchins from overrunning and destroying kelp forests.

Possessing large webbed feet, they are powerful swimmers. They also have the densest fur of all animals which makes them very well insulated for withstanding even the coldest water. Otters are known for their habit of using rocks to crack mussels and clams, making them one of the few mammals capable of using tools.

Perhaps the most amazing characteristic of otters is that they are extremely playful and fun-loving. They delight in spinning and twirling underwater, repeatedly pushing off objects to glide through the water. Naturally curious, they seem to be aware of the fact that their antics are entertaining to those who watch.

Sea otters are one of the most charming and endearing creatures in all of the animal kingdom!

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playful curious sea otter acrobat underwater