Dad Makes Taking Out The Trash Fun By Building A Go Kart For The Kids

jacobmakesciencefun Published August 7, 2017 60 Plays

Rumble Doing the chores is such a bore, every kid knows that. What parents also know is what a hassle it can be to make the kids do the chores around the house and help out more.

When asking nicely, begging and bribery didn’t help, this one very creative dad decided it was about time for him to roll up his sleeves and get to work! He figured out that, instead of just asking the kids to take out the trash, they should ask to do it themselves, after he made it look like so much fun!

When he saw how much fun his daughter had riding her go-kart, Aussie dad Jacob Strickling took two different objects and combined them to make something new and fun, but gets the job done!

He took his golf cart, removed the club bag and added a rail for the handle of the trash bin to rest onto. When his daughter saw it, she made an extra request “I wanna ride it like a horse”!

Do Jacob peeled a few more layers from his loved golf cart and pimped that ride until it could hold the bin horizontally, so that his girl can take a ride on it up the hill to where the bins are left for the truck. He called this ingenius idea “the first ever bin cart”!

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