Cute Little Boy Is Having A Tough Time Deciding If He Like Or Hates Lemons

awilliamsonPublished: August 7, 2017Updated: August 8, 201731,895 views
Published: August 7, 2017Updated: August 8, 2017

Lemons are a great fruit to have in your diet. Adding a few drops to your food can help with digestion and constipation. It is also a good cleansing agent and is a great ingredient to be incorporated into a drink. Lemon juice is also helpful to people with heart problems because it contains its own antiseptics and natural medications. Lemons can also help reduce stress and depression. Most of us like the refreshing taste of lemonade, but why don't we just try it raw like this little boy? Who cares if it's sour, it's good for you!

Watching this little boys encounter with a lemon is priceless. He tries his best to decide if he likes lemons or not but it looks like it's becoming a difficult decision for him. We can understand why, they are such a confusing fruit, why do they have to be so sour? As the little boy tries to bite into the lemon for the first time, his face reaction is priceless. Instantly, he realizes how sour it is, but that doesn't stop him, he continues to try and bite into it. Eventually he has had enough and gives it away, maybe it is just too sour for him. When we think he's done with the lemon, he grabs onto it again and bites into it again. This is a much harder decision than he originally thought, too funny!

Check out this hilarious video of a kid deciding if he likes or hates lemons.

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