Online radio stream hopes to breathe new life into Cincy's music, arts scene after WNKU goes silent

WCPOPublished: August 7, 2017
Published: August 7, 2017

Coran Stetter, lead singer of indie-pop band Multimagic, knows firsthand that breaking into a career in music or arts is no easy task. His quintet seized its moment in 2015, playing the main stages of Bunbury and MidPoint music festivals and hearing their single "Let Go" in regular rotation over WNKU's airwaves. Stetter said WNKU's support of local bands was pivotal for Multimagic, which is why he leapt into action when Northern Kentucky University announced its sale of the radio station to a religious broadcaster on Valentine's Day. "With the loss of WNKU, would there be not just a void but a vacuum?" Stetter asked. "I'm not a radio guy. I'm not a broadcast mogul or anything. I'm just a guy that wanted to start something and to not let this vacuum happen." He cashed out his 401(k), saved up from years managing a Chipotle restaurant, and founded Inhailer, a volunteer-run, 24/7 community broadcast platform designed to breathe new life into Cincinnati's arts, music and culture scenes. His four-person team moved into an office and studio at 1212 Sycamore St. on May 1. They have since gathered about 10 volunteers to diversify the content on Inhailer's online radio stream and work toward "social activation," or positive social change in the community.

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