Orphaned wolf-dog puppies enjoy playtime after rescue

6 years ago

In a remote northern Ontario community, these pups were living under a porch and had been orphaned when their mother disappeared. The mother was a stray husky/shepherd cross and the father is a wolf who belongs to a wild pack that frequents the woods near the town.

Residents had been feeding the mother and trying to help her when she took shelter under their porch to have her litter. They kept a close eye on the mother and her young but she didn't return one day. Waiting as long as they could for her, they knew that the pups would not survive without warmth and nourishment much longer. Rescuers crawled under the porch to bring the pups out to safety.
These pups are 5 weeks old and are thriving now, with the help of caring foster parents. They will be fed and nurtured and placed in loving homes when they are old enough.

Wolf dog hybrids have unique needs in terms of exercise and freedom to run in a large area. It is inadvisable to intentionally breed wolves and dogs but in more remote areas, it occasionally happens on its own.

These pups are experiencing their first taste of freedom as they are let loose to run around together in a large enclosure. You can see their obvious happiness as they enjoy time to explore and play.

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