Take a 1,450 mile journey along the Colorado River

KMGHPublished: August 5, 2017
Published: August 5, 2017

The Colorado River is so much more than something we raft and fish in. Millions of people in the western U.S. drink water that comes from the river. Millions more use electricity generated by hydroelectric power plants along the river’s 1,450-mile course. Most of the produce on our table is grown using water from the river and its tributaries. When you think about it, the Colorado River is so much more than just a river, it’s a lifeline for the southwestern U.S. In the Denver7 special presentation Colorado River: Lifeline of the West, hosts Lisa Hidalgo and Eric Lupher share the story of a river that has shaped the landscape for millions of years but is now having itself reshaped by people trying to harness its power.

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