Plague of Unbelief - Watchmen Radio -09/17/23

10 months ago

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Blurb: Fake prophetic is everywhere in USA Christianity.

12 spies sent out, and the confession faith of Joshua and Caleb.

Per Hebrews 11 it’s best to receive the promises of God by faith, but not receiving and staying in faith and dying in faith trusting God with a good report, is also praiseworthy.

Totalitarianism will always have a bogeyman for controlling by fear.

Testimonies of miracle healings of Communion with real wine.

Bible says “life and death are in the power of the tongue” so speak death over cancer or disease FERVENTLY, and it will die.

Ask God to send angels to help you.

Fast, pray, study the Word to get direction from the Lord.

Put God first in all you do, and you will be on God’s winning team, and you will be a success.

Many will be busy ignoring God when Jesus comes back.

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