Baby tree frog seeks human warmth on frosty night

Published August 5, 2017 111 Plays $0.16 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeNature can be such a beautiful and fragile place.

While out for a hike, a tiny green dot was spotted along a busy highway. Looking closer revealed a beautiful female Gray Tree Frog hopping towards the roadway from the safety of the tall grass in the ditch. Even in the summer, cool and frosty nights cause even the smallest of animals to seek the warmth of area roads and highways.

In an attempt to coax this little lady away from the road, she hopped onto his outstretched finger and then settled down into the warmth of his hand. The video starts shortly after she snuggled in.

The Gray Tree Frog, Hyla Versicolor, is native to Canada and the United States and is typically found in the upper reaches of arboreal trees. It's a rare sight to see one down on the ground like her. Gray Tree Frogs are fascinating in that they can change their colors to match their environment. Although they can't change their colors as fast as a chameleon, their colors can range from bright green to dark grey or black.

After a quick break and warming up, this Gray Tree Frog hops off of his hand and back onto the shoulder of the road. A few quick prods of the finger causes her to hop back to the safety of the tall grass. What a treat to see!


  • DavidMcNab, 1 year ago

    Incredibly vivid colour!

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    • Spitfire, 1 year ago

      I told him he had to hop along otherwise I'd have him toad.

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