UFO filmed on video at night in Hessdalen Valley Norway

UFOTechnologiesPublished: August 5, 2017Updated: August 7, 20171,184 views
Published: August 5, 2017Updated: August 7, 2017

July 31, 2017 at 23:52 local time to the south west of the valley Hessdalen, triggered motion sensor on the camera, from Hessdalen project on the observation of UFOs.

The Hessdalen lights are of unknown origin. They appear at day and night, and seem to float through and above the valley. They are usually bright white, yellow, or red and can appear above and below the horizon. Duration of the phenomenon may be a few seconds to well over an hour. Sometimes the lights move with enormous speed; at other times they seem to sway slowly back and forth. On yet other occasions, they hover in mid‑air. Some[who?] hypothesise that the light is ionised iron dust.

Unusual lights have been reported in the region since at least the 1930s

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