Car In Weird Position Confused Drivers On Connecticut Road

6 years ago

Anything can happen on the road during a storm, but this incident seems to take the crown as the most bizarre event of all! A appears to be floating in a very awkward, almost vertical position, in the middle of the road near West Suffield in Connecticut, USA.

One witness in her car in the opposite lane when a microburst blew the car in front of them and had it stuck up a displaced support wire, leaving it tangled in telephone lines. She can be heard on the footage wondering what might have happened in that split of a second, saying “the wind took it”.

The driver of the black sedan was Lisa Beaulieu with her two children, ages 4 and 5. She says that she saw a telephone pole break and fall down in front of them, but she didn’t have the time to stop, so they got tangled in the wires. "I was worried we were going to fall, the cable was going to break or the wire was live." said Beaulieu.

While the mother and her two children were removed safely from the trapped vehicle, the entire incident is still under police investigation. Photos from the incident are available online, where you can clearly see what happened to Beaulieu’s sedan.

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