Man In Los Angeles Damages Three Cars In A Hit And Run Crash

Published August 4, 2017 5,762,505 Views

Rumble / Stupid CriminalsMany things in life are hard to explain. This video cannot be explained with a logical explanation. For unknown reasons, this guy hits three cars while struggling to shift gears. It was not necessary to hit any cars while he was having trouble with the gears. He should have put the car in park, not causing harm to anything or anyone around him, but he did the complete opposite. As people start to approach him, wondering what he is doing, he doesn't stop. More people continue to show up and watch in disbelief. What is this man doing?

Even after he has got back onto the main street, he continues to hit another car. This man is crazy! Why is he putting everyones lives in danger? Eventually he finally speeds off down the street, but not until after he has caused huge amounts of damage. Right after this footage was filmed, police officers showed up to find his license plate on the street. Who knows what will happen to this criminal, hopefully he pays for his actions. So ridiculous!

Check out this video of this man taking place in a hit and run crash!

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