Kevin Stocklin on the ESG 'High Priests of Society' Transforming Corporate America | TEASER

2 months ago

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“The genius of the ESG movement—and we have to recognize how clever this movement actually is—is they are able to find the pressure points. And so they’re able to find who can we go to to essentially get leverage over these companies.”

In this episode, I sit down with Kevin Stocklin, writer and producer of "The Shadow State," an EpochTV documentary that investigates the industry of environmental, social, and corporate governance, also known as ESG.

“If you're a farmer, you pretty much have to dance to their tune. And they have gone out and they've said to their farmers as a result of the ESG movement, ‘This is what we want you to do. This is how we want you to produce. These are the processes that we want you to follow if you're going to sell to us,’” says Mr. Stocklin. “It's the banking industry, it's the asset management industry, and it's the insurance industry. And if you can get these folks on board, you can control everything else.”

How does the ESG mechanism work? Who are the players involved? And is there a way to push back?

“We're starting to see the power that private industry has to control us in a way that, in the West at least, the governments legally can't do,” says Mr. Stocklin.

He explains how ESG is both an industry and an ideology. Put simply, it is a way to use consumer money to impose a progressive agenda on the private sector in America.

“Even though it's our money that's funding the whole thing, they basically are the ones that have the votes, and they're able to put pressure on companies to essentially do what they want them to do,” says Mr. Stocklin.

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Is ESG Illegal?: Kevin Stocklin on the New 'High Priests of Society' Transforming Corporate America

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