Adorable Kitten Named Sweetie Mistakes This Little Girl's Eye For Her Mother

wildwestfarmsPublished: August 3, 2017Updated: August 4, 20177,959 views
Published: August 3, 2017Updated: August 4, 2017

This isn't something you see everyday. Sweetie the kitty mistakes this little girls eye for her mom! All this kitty wants is some milk but she isn't going to be able to get any from this little girls eye, too funny! Sweetie must be so confused, why isn't any milk coming up, she must be very frustrated. As Sweeties continues to try and nurse from the little girls eye, the girl sits their calmly and doesn't even move. This is impressive! Most people would have found this annoying and got up right away. She is a very patient girl, awesome!

Luckily, Sweetie finally gets tired of searching for milk and stops licking the girl's eye. The girl must be very happy, now she can finally go rinse out her eye, hilarious! Poor Kitty, she didn't get any milk, someone needs to get her some as soon as possible! These two seem very close and look like they love each other very much. Their strong connection is only going to grow as they get older, so precious!

Check out this funny video of a Kitten mistaking the child's eye for her mother!

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