Meet Your 2023 State and Local Candidates-part 5- hand counted ballot Demonstration

8 months ago

On Saturday September 9th, 2023, We The People of Northwest Louisiana (WTP_NWLA) hosted Meet your 2023 State and Local Candidates at Indian Hills Baptist Church at 7131 Old Mooringsport Rd, Shreveport, LA. The surrounding community is the small town of Blanchard, LA. WTP_NWLA would like to express our deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to Indian Hills Baptist church for hosting this event.
This segment is part 5 of the multi-segment presentation. In this portion WTP members conducted an interactive demonstration of the hand count process. Audience members and even the some of the candidates participated in the ballot tally procedure.
Candidate Trosclair conducted the follow up explanation of the process and answered questions from the audience.
More information about Candidate Trosclair is available at
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