Sanchia Romani, the Woman who Sued the NSW police and WON!

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"Sanchia Romani successfully sued the State of New South Wales for Trespass with judgement on the 7th February 2023 and was awarded damages.

Sanchia self presented, used no lawyers and utilised the Free Courts Act of 1400. Justice is not to be sold to the People. Sanchia also received judgement in her favour on the 31 August 2023 regarding costs. The State of New South Wales claimed costs over and above the damages awarded to Sanchia for trespass and were unsuccessful.

After experiencing a violent home invasion in 2016 which made front cover of major papers, Sanchia went on to heal herself and her children in extreme circumstances.

These experiences assisted Sanchia in asserting her Rights and not tolerating bullies when Agents of the New South Wales Police Force trespassed upon her property to talk to her about a flyer in 2021!
Sanchia has now been further burdened and is going through the process to hold the Sate of New south Wales to account as they are not honouring the judgements to pay the debt/damages awarded to her. This is the contempt the State has for the People.

The People are the Uncontrollable Supreme Authority!

Sanchia will empower you and encourage you to know who you are and to stand in your Rights".

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