Sweet Mama Dog Feeds Abandoned Kitten

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Published: August 3, 2017

Animals are precious creatures that need to be treated with respect. There are some that you would not want to get anywhere near, but then there are some, like this little kitten here, that you just want to cuddle with and take home. It just breaks your heart when you see animals like this mistreated and abandoned. That seemed to be the case with this adorable kitten but luckily a good samaritan stepped in and took care of it, with a little help from the neighborhood dog of course!

The person in this video goes onto say: "This morning I went downstairs to take the trash out as I do everyday. When I opened the trash can, I saw a newborn kitten tied inside a bag, hopelessly 'mewing' for help due to some irresponsible being, who had abandoned it there for a tragic death. I took it out and the neighborhood dog that had just given birth kindly let it nurse. Nature fortunately made it so that animals are kinder compared to man."

Please share this video with your family and friends as it is one heartwarming clip that no one should miss!

Occurred on July 25, 2017 / Lamia, Greece

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