Shar Pei Puppies Drink A Whole Gallon Of Milk In Only Two Minutes

FabulousMrPugPublished: August 3, 2017Updated: August 4, 20172,404 plays$4.03 earned
Published: August 3, 2017Updated: August 4, 2017

These puppies sure are thirsty! Eight five-week-old Shar Pei puppies are trying to break a world record in drinking milk fast. Somehow, they are able to finish one gallon of milk in only two minutes. This is crazy! These puppies definitely like their milk. They are such adorable puppies, how could you ever be mad at puppies that are as cute as these guys? They drink every last drop up, there is certainly no wasting happening here. We should all take some notes from these little guys, so funny! Even after they finish a whole gallon of milk, they still look like they want more, wow!

Shar Pei dogs are so cute but they aren't known to be the most friendly dogs, but that doesn't mean they don't want to have some fun! They just need more time to adjust to everything around them. They are also known to have a lot of sass, don't let them get away with everything! They are quite easy to groom, so even with only a little bit of work, they will always look fabulous, awesome!

Check out this adorable video of Shar Pei puppies drinking a whole gallon of milk, too cute!

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