Tangled Mylar Balloons Cause Massive Explosion On Power Line

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Published: August 3, 2017

This is how you can take down an entire neighborhood’s worth of power for just eight bucks!

A crew of electricians were working on some power lines in a neighborhood in Long Beach, California on July 18, when they had their work cut out for them. One of the engineers recorded this video of a power outage that probably pissed off a solid number of residents!

"Mylar balloons flew and stuck onto the line as my crew was working on power lines. I instructed the two crew members to climb down the pole to be safe in case they caused an explosion from contact. I called to have the line de-energized. Before the line could be de-energized they made a line to ground contact causing an explosion and burning down 2 of the 3 lines." said the engineer.

The clip lasts for about 50 seconds, since the men probably had no idea when the sparks might fly, but just scroll at around 00:40 to prepare yourself for the fireworks that are about to happen at 00:45! It isn’t so loud as it is bright and very weird sounding, the noise that power makes when the Mylar touches the wire. And the colors, just wow! Not even the Mexican fireworks masters can create a spectrum of colors like a golden star-shaped balloons can!

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