Chilling Underwater Footage Of Great White As It Attacks The Camera

rumblestaffPublished: August 2, 2017395 views
Published: August 2, 2017

If you are even slightly afraid of going into the ocean, please do not watch this video! Just kidding, after all it is just a video of someone’s camera being nibbled on by a Great White!

Greg Skomal, a scientist at Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries was filming some underwater action during a recent research trip when a Great White Shark decided to attempt eating his camera!

This blood chilling footage was captured off Cape Cod, specifically near Monomoy Island in Chatham, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. The Great White was estimated to be around 12 feet long and apparently with serious camera munchies!

Cape Cod is a hot spot for sharks, which are drawn in by the dense seal population. Great whites nurse off Montauk, New York, and travel to the Cape every summer to hunt, according to researchers. If you still don’t want to consider changing your swimming spot because of some shark activity, there a very neat mobile app for that, conveniently called “Sharktivity”, where you can keep track of shark sightings near the Cape.

Keep in mind that shark attacks on human are actually extremely rare, because we are not on their menu. The odds of getting bit by a shark are one in 12 million, and that is if you agitate the beast of the deep.

Credit to 'Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries'.

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