Israeli Gestapo choke and kidnap a religious child for failing to pay his train fare

10 months ago

On September 5, 2023 at 9 AM two religious children ages 13 and 11 were riding the Jerusalem light rail when they were stopped by inspectors who check that people had paid for the ride. One of the children had forgotten his Rav Kav card and was unable to pay the 5.5 shekels fare (approximately $1.50). It is not possible to pay two fares from a single Rav Kav on the trains, so his brother was unable to pay for him at the time.

The child had money on him and wanted to pay the fare, but the train workers did what any normal person would do under the circumstances and called the police.

Since this was not a case of Jews being attacked by Arabs, police rushed to the scene and quickly surrounded the frightened children. They proceeded to do what any normal person would do under the circumstances. They shoved the 11 year old boy to the ground while his older brother was put into a chokehold and dragged into the police car.

Onlookers watched horrified while these thugs in uniforms brutally assaulted two children and kidnapped a child for failing to pay his train fare.

The train inspectors and police were, of course, within their rights in dealing with these criminals, who have only themselves to blame for being in this situation. The law is the law.

The children should be grateful that they were not disappeared and trafficked. (Not that anything like that ever happens, of course, and not like the upstanding people who rule the holy Medina would ever be involved with something like that, of course. Just saying.) Alternatively, they might have had a confession tortured out of them to "solve" a case, like Amiram ben Uliel.

When a concerned citizen informed one of the Gestapo pretend-Jewish thugs that he was being filmed, the thug tauntingly pointed to his own bodycam.

This happened in broad daylight in the center of Jerusalem before a crowd of horrified citizens while being filmed. Imagine what these monsters do in darkness, in their dungeons, interrogation rooms, and hospital wards, when no one is watching.

They have nothing but contempt for us. They do not fear us. They know we know what they are, and they do not care. They know we can film their atrocities, and post angry comments on social media, and nothing will happen to them.

That's because this was not a spontaneous act of brutality by a few rogue police officers who get a rush out of bullying defenseless people. This is business as usual. They have free reign to do this from their superiors. They KNOW nothing will happen to them.

In the rare event that there is a huge public outcry, their controlled media will get a boilerplate quote from the department assuring the public that the police carry out their duty to protect the citizens. Maybe the controlled opposition in government will even pretend to be outraged long enough to issue a quote.

In the extremely rare event that they need more damage control, they will promise to conduct an internal investigation. The gangsters in uniforms will investigate themselves. How reassuring.

Meanwhile, these poor children are traumatized forever, over nothing. In just a few seconds a train ride turned into a nightmare that will change their lives, courtesy of Medinas Erev Rav.

I hope when they grow up they refuse to “serve” the country in any form.

Enough with the servitude.

I hope people will stop praying for the welfare of the security forces who oppress them. If there are a few good ones here and there, fine. Specify them and them alone. Don't pray for your enemies.

I hope these thugs have a horrible new year. I hate the Erev Rav, because I have the opposite of Stockholm Syndrome.

If you can watch this video and not be filled with hatred for the Erev Rav, there is something deeply wrong with you. Your sensibilities have been corrupted by false messages about love and hate designed for this very purpose. We are supposed to hate our oppressors, even if that is all we can do.

These people hate you and me, they hate Hashem, and they relish the opportunity to beat up religious children over nothing. If they were given orders to put people in camps, they would do it – gladly.

When police are injured or killed in terrorist attacks, part of me hopes it is people like this and not one of the good ones.

To be clear, I am not advocating violence or breaking the law. God forbid. But if something unfortunate were to happen to these people, don't expect me to mourn for them. And if one of them ever needed help, they shouldn't expect it from me.

If Torah was the law of the land, the child would have to pay his train fare, and possibly a fine. The thugs in uniforms would have to pay them five categories of damages, unless the monetary damage was insignificant, in which case they would be flogged before the Jewish court.

Does anyone have a problem with the Torah law? I sure don't.

Please, Hashem, give us a true Jewish state under Torah law immediately. And please wake up the rest of Your people as gently as possible to desire it as much as I do.

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