Passing Down America's Shooting Sports & Hunting Heritage

2 months ago

đź”´ IMPORTANT: A lifetime of enjoyment ALWAYS starts with learning the basics of firearm safety. đź”´

Discover the incredible benefits of passing down America's shooting sports and hunting heritage with a Henry.

In the video, your host @22plinkster dives into the numerous benefits that come with teaching youth about these time-honored traditions. From fostering responsibility and respect for nature to building essential life skills, this video sheds light on the positive impact these activities can have on our younger generations.

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Safety
1:50 Benefits
5:47 Resources to learn more
6:57 Equipment
8:19 Conclusion


4 Primary For Gun Safety (NSSF):

Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program:

NSSF Project ChildSafe Program:

To learn more about Youth Models from Henry Repeating Arms and find a full list of education and safety organizations we are proud to support visit:


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