Dinner is late, and this Great Dane is not happy about it

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Published: July 30, 2017Updated: August 1, 2017

Don’t you just hate it when people don’t respect your time? It is utterly disrespectful to keep someone waiting, whether it is on the street corner or by their food bowl!

Max the Great Dane has an impeccable sense of time. He knows that he always gets his serving of boiled chicken at five o’clock sharp! He knows this as a fact and he very well expects his bowl to be there, filled to the brim with the delicious meat.

But this time, his dad forgot about the time and now it is 5:08 p.m. and there is not bowl and certainly no chicken in sight. So what can a big dog do about it, but complain and quite audibly at that too. Hungry quickly turns to angry and Max is one “hangry” Great Dane!

You never keep a big dog waiting for his meal; not so much for safety concern, but they will rip the walls of the house, barking and asking where that meal is at! Mom and dad ask for Max’s forgiveness, but not before he gives a high five. That’s their secret handshake, you see. He gives a high five, gets a bit of a treat, then he gives another high five and the bowl full of boiled chicken breasts is served to the man!

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