How Merchant Law governs the world: The legal System you never heard of | Cal Washington (#173)

9 months ago

Cal Washington is the co-founder and CEO of Inpower, a worldwide movement with the mission to put communities back in power. He is the author of the ‘Notice of Liability’, a document to get out of contracts one has inadvertently agreed to. His goal for People to be blessed and empowered!

🔥 Dive into this riveting discussion that uncovers the ancient roots of merchant law, explores the interplay of different legal jurisdictions, and reveals why merchant law governs our world and is the legal system you've never heard of!

💡The Ancient Roots of Merchant Law:
Cal discusses how merchant law is ancient and can be traced back to the time of Hammurabi. He mentions that even before the concept of money was prevalent, advanced banking ideas existed, suggesting that the concept of merchant law is older than we might think.

💡The Fluidity of Jurisdictions:
The conversation explores how different types of law—common law, admiralty law, and law merchant—have historically interacted and sometimes overlapped. It points out that Lord Mansfield in the 1700s fused these different jurisdictions into common law courts, which has led to some confusion in modern times.

💡The Hidden Commercial System:
Cal reveals how people have unknowingly been turned into merchants, exploited by banks and institutions. Learn how to protect yourself by understanding the implications of Law Merchant in your life.

💡The Bible as a Contract:
Cal further discusses the idea that the Bible can be seen as a contract, specifically mentioning the terms "Old Covenant" and "New Covenant." This perspective suggests that everything authorities do is based on this contract, emphasizing the importance of understanding the Bible as a legal document.

💡The Importance of Action and Responsibility:
The conversation touches on the idea that faith alone is not enough; actions are necessary. This teaching emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and not just relying on faith or spirituality to bring about change.

💡 The Power of Distraction:
Cal warns against being distracted by external events and emphasizes the importance of focusing on understanding the law and taking action. It suggests that distractions are purposefully placed to keep people from understanding the true nature of things.


► The Timeless Foundations of Merchant Law
► The Power and Effect of the Notice of Liability
► Navigating the Complexities of Jurisdiction
► The Bible: A Divine Contract
► Taking Action: Beyond Faith and Spirituality
► The Dangers of Distraction in a Digital Age
► Money and Power: The Unspoken Agendas
► Hidden Truths: Unveiling the Realities of Merchant Law and the Bible
► Integrity in Action: How Choices Shape Reality
► Debunking the Myth of Scarcity
► The Silent Agreement: Understanding Tacit Consent
► Advertising as a Tool for Social Manipulation
► The Power of Intellectual Curiosity

About Cal Washington:

Disclaimer: This is NOT legal advice – this is a philosophical exploration.

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