Firefighters Lift Wrongly Parked Car2Go In Brooklyn

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Published: July 29, 2017

Having problems with parallel parking? Let a group of New York firefighters show you how it’s done! A team of firefighters encountered a problem on the streets of Brooklyn in New York, USA, when their truck couldn’t pass because someone parked where they shouldn’t have!

One of the neighbors, named J.D. Closser, filmed the entire event out of his house’s window. While en route, the truck came across a Car2Go that was parked right on the street. The firemen blared the siren, hoping that the owner will come out and move it, but nobody came. So they did the next rational thing.

They turned the siren off and came out of the truck to lift the tiny car by hand onto the sidewalk of the Crown Heights’ neighborhood.

"The firetruck was trying to get by but the street was traffic blocked by a Car2Go. I tried directing the truck but it would not fit through and there was traffic behind him. Happened at the corner of Pacific and Albany. Because the Car2Go person did not move their car for the street sweeper and everyone else did it was a gridlock. The fireman turned off their sirens jumped out and bounced the little car onto the sidewalk." JD said when he uploaded the video.

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