Joe Allen: Transhumanism as Techno-Religion

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2 months ago

The promises of transhumanism are many and appealing. In reality, transhumanist reality would be hell on Earth, warns Joe Allen, author and transhumanist editor of War Room: Pandemic. 
In this interview with The New American, Mr. Allen dives deep into the essence of transhumanism as a technocratic worldview that fills the vacuum that is left in the absence of traditional religions. That worldview, as illustrated, among others, by one of the most influential transhumanists, Ray Kurtzweil, regards technology as the highest power in the universe. In it, people’s salvation comes from technological manipulations in the realms of nanotechnology, robotics, and genomics that would peak in the emergence of the all-powerful "God" of artificial intelligence (AI). That essentially apocalyptic point that Kurzweil called the Singularity would wipe away the old world. In practical terms, transhumanism principally orients the soul towards technology and establishes a strict regime run by algorithms where people’s lives become automated, digitalized and stripped of free will. Notably, societies and individuals are already immersed in this regime to various degrees. 
Transhumanism, said the editor, "is profound worldly power in direct opposition to God, to the source from which we come, and to our ultimate destination. And I see this as being probably a very painful moment in human history as we go forward." 
While not necessarily imminent, transhumanism and technocracy are materializing with rapidly advancing technologies pursued and constantly perfected by powerful corporations and governments, particularly the military. The hope of staying human in an anti-human world is real, but it will require "difficult decisions" to be made on levels of personal choice, communal norms, institutional policies, legislative actions, and spiritual orientation. 
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