Directed Energy Weapon Downs WTC: 9/11 False Flag Turned Towers Into Dust

7 months ago

Where did the Twin Tower debris go?
Andrew Johnson is here to talk about the possibility of direct energy weapons being used to vaporize the World Trade Center on 9/11.
The people who believe the official government backed 9/11 narrative are the same people who believe the government is here to help.
Andrew Johnson believes the Twin Towers were vaporized and turned to dust.
Even the New York Times tried to explain away the dust phenomena.
Dr. Judy Wood has a theory that the towers collapsed on 9/11 as a result of something called “free energy technology”.
Initially, Andrew believed the official government backed 9/11 narrative.
Then, he believed that the towers were downed using pre-placed explosives.
Eventually, Andrew rejected these theories after he watched a film called “911 The Great Illusion”.
The film demonstrated the towers disappearing over the course of 9 seconds.
80% to 90% of the steel turned to dust in a matter of seconds.
The thermite theory made popular over the years doesn't make sense because thermite is incendiary and not an explosive.
The thermite theory seems to be controlled by opposition and misinformation.
Dr. Judy Wood believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that Direct Energy Weapons were used on September 11, 2001.
The people who jumped off the buildings is also a mystery.
Many of the people may have also turned to dust and there are some very gruesome stories that back these claims.
Andrew Johnson agrees that the evidence is conclusive and Direct Energy Weapons were used to destroy the Twin Towers.
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