Ladies of Another View-09.12.2023

7 months ago

Moore & Liberty Griggs County (MLGC), led by President Tyler Kilde, exemplifies dedication by providing ultra high-speed broadband to Eastern North Dakota's underserved regions. A testament to legacy, MLGC, initiated in 1906, stands tall as the state's singular family-owned telephone company. Evolving from the era of initial telephones, today it prioritizes high-speed broadband for all, especially focusing on the Cass County region.

Kilde acknowledges the commendable network that MLGC and state cooperatives have established across North Dakota. Still, some regions remain technologically sidelined. Addressing this, he underscores the pivotal role of robust connectivity in catalyzing precision-agriculture, enriching educational opportunities, and bolstering healthcare and telemedicine services. The challenge? Many of these areas lack dependable communication lines, either wireline or wireless.

With recent financial injections, including a substantial $31 million grant, MLGC aims not only to enhance household connectivity but to revolutionize the agricultural sector with precision-ag — envision farmers operating tractors remotely or deploying drones for farming tasks.

Concluding, Kilde applauds the collaborative spirit of MLGC and regional cooperatives. Their united front promises a future where North Dakota stands as a beacon of complete digital connectivity.

Next, Senator Jeff Magrum provides an insightful perspective on recent remarks by JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon, who advocates for government intervention in private property rights to expedite climate-related actions. The dialogue also ventures into the realm of the CO2 pipeline, shedding light on its implications and broader environmental strategies. Join us for a thorough exploration of these pressing topics, firmly grounded in the principles of personal freedom and individual rights.



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