Pray for Angels - Watchmen Radio -09/10/23

10 months ago

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BLURB: Accurate specific prophecy Richard was graced to receive includes 9/11, Trump winning 2016, Biden stealing 2020, and COVID.

Photo of Obama in the demon costume with horns, is authentic, no photoshopping detected.

A bullet was accidentally fired from my gun this week heading for a window, damaging my hearing, and God graced Richard to have it disappear, not striking anything at all. There was also no smoke from the round at all.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” and Philippians 4:8 show us we should be visualizing success and God having answered prayer. “Calling those things that be not, as though they are.”

Not all dreams are from God. Test the dreams according to the Word.

Richard got a dream of being healed, and acted on it, and got healed.

Pray for sufficient legions of warring ministering or messenger angels, every day.

You have to control your mouth, to speak blessings on yourself and your loved ones. You cannot be in “woe is me” mode, (like Richard was with that headache before he got smart thanks to that angel and got healed) you can’t agree with your pain or disease. You must resist it with confessions and/or faith.

Fasting speeds your breakthrough.

Ask the Father in Jesus’ name to meet angels, for help from angels, and you will get it, like Maria did, when the angel knocked on her door.

Join our prayer group, as we preemptively strike back!!

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