Very Rare Full-circle Rainbow Spotted From Crane In Russia

rumblestaffPublished: July 26, 2017481 views
Published: July 26, 2017

A construction worker working on top of a crane in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia experienced a very unique sight indeed. The height has enabled him to see a rainbow forming full circle right in front of his crane, while he was working on the 1515 feet high Lakha Center skyscraper.

The formation was so big, that the worker had to pan the camera in order to capture its full circumference.

The rarity of this natural occurrence comes with the point of view. When we are on the ground, we can only see the light that is above us. Rainbows forms when light hits the droplets of water in the air, refracting the white light into the spectrum it is comprised of and bending the light into a colored arc.

When you see the rainbow from a greater height, you might have the opportunity to witness the arc come full circle, like a lens.

The conclusion is that the phenomenon isn’t all that uncommon, you just have to climb really high in order to fully experience it. All rainbows are circular in formation, but when on the ground, the horizon is “blocking” the bottom half of the circle, letting you think that the rainbow is a bridge with a beginning and an end.

Whatever the circumstance, seeing this spectacle is truly remarkable.

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