These Talented Dogs Love To Sing

Published July 26, 2017 1,017 Views

Rumble If you have a strong penchant for musical performance, chances are your dog has grown to love the stuff too!

America’s Funniest Videos brings us the sequel to their “Dogs Singing Compilation” and all we are left to do is laugh and applaud at these dogs’ talent! Move over Mariah Carey, someone else can hit higher notes than you!

We see doggies and pooches from all sorts of breeds join their owners in their artistic endeavors. Some with enthusiasm, others with a bit of pain in their voices. Like, what is that noise coming from the owner’s mouth? Is it lyrics to their favorite song or are those cries for help?!

We have to admit, some of these dogs really do seem to enjoy belting it out with their human companions. They even try and vocalize something along the lines of the song. Their owners sound great too, they really do sing! But the others…

Oh, boy the others! With them barely screaming something resembling a song, those dogs probably thought that their owners were dying, so they would whine and jump and lick them on their faces. Those do sound pretty scary. If we didn’t know any better, we could say that counts as animal cruelty. And why shouldn’t it? Dogs’ ears are more sensitive than humans’, so listening to those screeches probably hurt them!

Whatever the reason, this compilation will leave you in stitches! Have a good laugh everyone and make sure to share it with your friends!