Linda Sarsour Defends Calling Jihad Against Trump

Published July 26, 2017 36 Plays

Rumble Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour defended herself after coming under fire for a speech she recently gave, where she called on Muslims to engage in a jihad against the Trump administration--who she referred to as fascists and white supremacists.

According to Sarsour, she was simply asking that people peacefully protest President Donald Trump and his administration. However, she caught backlash for using the term 'jihad', which has come to be associated with acts of violence committed by terrorist organizations. She also argued that the term "jihad" doesn't have any violent implications and insisted that people were overreacting to her speech.

While many came to Linda Sarsour's defense on social media and other outlets, she also faced heavy criticism. In the wake of her remark, she engaged in a Twitter argument with CNN correspondent Jake Tapper, who Sarsour blasted as having joined the ranks of the alt-right because he was critical of her online.