Sweet Baby Is Confused By Dad's Identical Twin

Published July 26, 2017 28,233 Plays $54.11 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever wondered what happens in a toddler’s mind? The great, big new world can be an intimidating place for toddlers. But if they’re lucky, they can always take solace in their dad’s familiar face and comforting touch. However, what happens if somebody has the same face as their daddy? Yes, we are talking about twins. We get it. It's hard to tell identical twins apart. Even close friends and family, including the children, can mix up the names and sometimes the person itself. This delightful little boy mets his daddy’s twin brother for the first time and he is so joyfully confused.

When his uncle walks into the room he mistakenly thinks it’s his dad so rushes to give him a big hug, then seconds later comes his dad when he realizes there are two daddies now. The look of sheer and utter confusion on the lovely baby face is downright adorable. This cutie keeps studying both of the brothers’ faces, trying hard to understand why he’s getting passed back and forth between two versions of his dear dad. His mama says that It was actually the second time, but the first time was in the hospital as a newborn, so he wasn't quite aware of how weird it is to have a guy that looks a lot like your dad walking around.

So adorable seeing him try to process it. If one daddy is fun, having two 'daddies' must be twice the fun! The cute baby deserves twice the fun and twice the love!