The Unsolved Mystery Of The "Dechmont Woods UFO" Encounter-November 09, 1979

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Published: July 25, 2017Updated: July 26, 2017

On The Morning Of November 09, 1979, Robert "Bob" Taylor, 61, A Forestry Worker for The Livingston Development Corp, In West Lothian, Scotland, Encountered A "Strange Gray Dome-Shaped" Space Craft, In A Clearing Hovering Above The Ground, About 530 Yards Off The Main Road. The Craft Smelled Like "Burned Brakes", And Made A Loud Hissing Noise As Robert Approached The Craft. Two 3 ft Spheres Came Out From Under The Craft And Grabbed Him By The Trousers, Making Him Pass Out. When He Awoke The Craft Was Gone And His Truck Wouldn't Start. He Walked About A Mile, To His House And Told His Wife About The UFO Encounter. The Sighting Was Investigated And Later Classified As A "Common Assault".

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