Compilation Of 21 Animals That Have Love/Hate Relationship With Water

Published July 25, 2017 2,161 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe Internet society is obsessed with animals, and rightly so. They’re cute, fun and loving, and we can never get enough of them. Such is the case in this compilation of animals taking baths; it’s so adorable you won’t be able to stop giggling while watching.

Some of us love bath time, because it means some quality alone time; others do it just to get it over with. The same goes for animals, only they are either madly in love with water or avoid it like the plague. Some have been known to jump into the bath tub and eagerly wait for the water to start running, while others scream and kick and bite to get away!

The compilation features everything from cats and dogs to birds and baby ducks. There are cats in the sink, lounging under the running water. You will see birds dancing under the tap and singing happily; one even ignores the dog’s attempt to drink some and takes a bath in its water bowl. Then there’s the opposite side of the spectrum - both cats and dogs trying to avoid water.
No matter what type of animal or where it’s taking a bath, this must-watch compilation will give you your daily dose of cuteness.

Thank you AFV for another hilarious compilation!

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