Lonely English Bulldog Drags Her Bed To Owners’ Bedroom Door

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Published: July 25, 2017Updated: July 26, 2017

Leaving your dog alone, even if you are just in the other room, can be terrifying for them! Take this video as an example - that husky was howling, scared out of his mind and watching out the window for his owner to return!

Our dogs can’t know if you are going to work, to the market, to bed or just leaving for good and that can be very stressful for them. Say you are actually going to bed and your dog isn’t allowed in for any reason. You close the bedroom door and leave the pooch in the living room, with all its possessions. That will not calm them down and they will do anything in their power to get as close to you as they possibly can!

Roxy the English Bulldog here moves her bed every night to right outside the bedroom door. It doesn't matter where her owners put her bed, she'll still drag it from any room! She just really wants to be with her human companions!

Every night, when her owners would go to bed, Roxy would drag her doggy bed towards the door and bark and whine in front of it, letting her owners know she wants to be with them. It seems she is not allowed in there, but she either doesn’t get that or she really doesn’t care.

Either way, it is both adorable and hilarious to witness!

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