Newborn calf bounces with joy after feeding time

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Published: July 24, 2017Updated: July 26, 2017

Maggie is a newborn Holstein calf with a lot of energy and personality for one so young. She acts more like a giant puppy than a calf as she bounds around the pen after a feeding. Maggie has been adopted by a wonderful and patient cow named Miss Jersey, who is nursing a calf of her own.

Every time Maggie gets fresh milk from her new mother, she runs around and jumps excitedly, bouncing and leaping in the air. She is overjoyed at having a full belly. Maggie also likes to run around playfully if someone will chase her. Watching her, you would think she was a dog.

Maggie is just one of the many animals that live at Hamish's farm in Keene, Ontario. Hamish and his mother are rebuilding their farm after the house and the barn burned down last November. Maggie is a welcome addition to the herd and she has captured the hearts of Gertrude and Hamish. They love their animals as if they were pets. Like the other animals, Maggie seems very happy with life at Hamish's farm.

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      winkeldinkel ยท 51 weeks ago

      Frisky like a young dog...