Music Teacher: The rot has set into the system...

10 months ago

A musician (Indigo Veil: and music teacher talks and performs at HOPE Sussex Music festival. He speaks on how witnessing Michael Jackson’s fight against the “hidden force” behind the mainstream music industry helped open his eyes to the reality of the world; becoming re-inspired to make music after engaging with the freedom movement; about his experience being a teacher in the state education system in the current era; and on the rise of mothers and fathers taking back responsibility of raising their own children through home-schooling, hiring private tutors, and re-connecting with local community through centres such as HOPE Sussex.

Part of a series of videos on HOPE Sussex’s summer music festivals, 2022 & 2023. Recorded: 2022.

HOPE Sussex Community is now widely regarded as one of the great success stories to have grown out of the chaos and instability of the last few years. HOPE is a community center where awake home-educating parents, private tutors and members of the local community can connect and support each other. HOPE Sussex holds regular events, workshops and talks throughout the year, as well as sessions for all ages, adults included. In 2023, HOPE held its second successful music festival to raise funds for the rent and development of the site, and the community center is now looking forward to beginning its third year. Donations and pledges form a crucial part of HOPE’s support base, and every penny that is donated goes directly to HOPE Sussex Community. Visit the website for more information and the different ways you can support the center:

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