Dreaming Dog Experiences Zombie Transformation

thebaconatorPublished: July 24, 2017Updated: July 25, 201736,305 views
Published: July 24, 2017Updated: July 25, 2017

We've all seen or heard of zombies before. Whether it was watching the undead march across the silver screen or slashing your way through in the latest zombie game, we have all been exposed to zombie in some way, shape or form. We also know how equally terrifying and disturbing a transformation into a zombie can be! If you have never seen a zombie transformation before, look no further! Check out the hilarious facial expressions and body twitches this pup exhibits during what appears to be a very intense dream. So weird yet so funny!

We knew that people turn into zombies in the movies and games, but who would have thought that dogs could transform too? Some dogs have very funny sleeping habit when given an opportunity, but it seems that this dog takes the cake as his twitching and facial expressions is so unique and a bit terrifying! None the less, this is still one adorable dog!

Pets can be a lot of work to raise. It is almost like raising a child; you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy! However, raising them makes it all worth it as memorable moments like these out-way the challenges associated with having a pet!

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