Great Dane Argues With Teenager About Playtime

6 years ago

They might looks like big bullies, with their massive frames of body and deep voices, but Great Danes are actually the kittens in the dog world! They would rather cuddle and play all day, than chase after people.

It would seem, however, that cuddliness and playfulness aren’t the only qualities Great Danes have in common with cats. They also fail to recognize your need for personal space like cats too! So when this huge cat that only looks like a Great Dane wanted to play with her human sister, she didn’t care if the girl was waiting for someone or not. Zoe wants to play and she will get her playtime whether the human likes it or not!

Listen to Zoe the Great Dane have a full on debate with this teenage girl concerning playtime. The girl is waiting for a friend to pick her up, but Zoe just wants to play!

Not to worry, these two get along great and are the best of friends, but Zoe won’t stand being far away from her human sister, so just until her friend comes along, Zoe think it is a time wasted if they do not play!

Zoe might growl and the girl might be chasing her away every time, but “those who fight the most, love each other the most".

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