Neglected Pit Bull Is Ready For Her New Home After Being Saved

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Published: July 24, 2017

Imagine spending your entire life, since childhood, chained to a wall, with nothing to cover yourself with from rain and snow and not having something decent to eat from? You will all agree that this is not a good way to live, but for one dog in New York, this was the only life she knew.

Lola was found just like we described - in a grimy garage, yet out in the open, nothing to protect her from sun or rain, chained with a heavy rusty chain to a wall and eating from someone’s helmet. She was in terrible condition and with a massive tumor hanging from her back leg.

Even though Lola is a Pit Bull, a breed notorious for being mean and aggressive, and she has spent her life not knowing of affection, she still met her rescuers with a smile and a wagging tail! She could have defended her territory, however terrible it might be, but instead she chose to trust these people, as if she knew they were here to help. Even after a life of neglect, she approached them with love.

Lola has received her treatment, as well as a few rotten teeth removed and was introduced to the outside world, where she met dogs and squirrels in a park. All you have to do now is look her up for adoption!

AMA Animal Rescue is a New York State 501(C)3, non-profit animal rescue based out of Brooklyn, NY which consists of young women who find loving, forever homes for stray and shelter animals.

Credit to 'AMA Animal Rescue'.

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