BLNews Live Panel 3: The War on Natural Healthcare -Hodkinson, Makis, Ponesse & Buckley

10 months ago

(Toronto | July 26, 2023) While Health Canada eased the regulatory and approval process for potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, the federal agency created increased the regulatory burdens and fees for traditionally safe natural health products (NHPs).

Join Bright Light News' Glen Jung, as he hosts featured experts Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Pathologist, Dr. William Makis, Radiologist/Oncologist, Dr. Julie Ponesse, Ethics Scholar, and Shawn Buckley, Constitutional Lawyer/NHPPA President, to speak on Health Canada's Bill C47 attack on NHPs at Bright Light News Live Panel 4: Restoring Ethics in Medicine and The War on Natural Healthcare followed by a discussion and Q and A with the panelists and Michael Alexander, Litigation Lawyer representing persecuted doctors and nurses across Canada.

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