Lee Brainard: Seven Strong Arguments for a Pre-Trib Rapture

2 months ago

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My birth name is Lee William Brainard. I am a Bible teacher and an author. The Bible is — by far — my favorite book. I read it in the original languages (Greek and Hebrew), several literal English translations, the German (usually the Elberfelder), and the Greek OT (the Septuagint). My areas of study include the biblical languages, eschatology (prophecy), apologetics, the major theological controversies, ancient history (with particular interest in ancient catastrophism), and electric universe cosmology.

Currently my wife, Nita, and I live in Harvey, ND, where I share in the ministry of the Word at Harvey Gospel Chapel. We have four children (Josiah, Noah, Ezra, and Lydia), all of whom are married. At the present time we have sixteen grandchildren.

My life experiences are varied. I have been, among other things, an Airborne Ranger, a carpenter, a truck driver, a farm hand, a factory worker, a sawmill hand, a car salesman, an insurance salesman, a day trader, a Jiffy Lube tech, and a propane truck driver. I have worked on my own cars, cut a lot of firewood, and done a lot of remodeling. In Wisconsin my boys and I built a 3600-square-foot log home in post-and-beam style.

Lee’s website: www.soothkeep.info

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