Bear Casually Walks Into A Liquor Store

Published July 22, 2017 5,012 Plays $17.69 earned

Rumble People working at liquor stores must have very exciting days at work. Sure, they encounter the local drunks, some petty thieves or the usual robbery at gunpoint, but it seems that the events that happen at the local liquor store get more awkward as the location of said store gets more rural.

One such store in the state of Alaska had a very brief and unusual appearance. A liquor store called Liquor Barrel in Juneau, Alaska got a visit from a Black Bear cub. Security footage from outside the store shows the cub come running towards the front of the store, stopping for a second, as if to check if anyone is watching and the goes right in.

Whether the cub could smell the honey in some of the liquor, or something else entirely, we cannot say for sure. What we do know is that the cub was shown its way out by a customer.

Don't worry, the sub was sent on its merry way very gently; it probably got way more confused than the humans inside were when they saw it entering where it shouldn't in the first place. Not to mention its age – it looks way too young to drink, don't you think?