Daughter Scares Dad During Video Game

Published July 22, 2017 3,339 Views $12.21 earned

Rumble Have you ever played a video game so immersive, that even the slightest tick would set you off? With the advance of modern technologies, video games have become almost like virtual reality, aside from the actual thing.

Games today feature such high definition graphics and sounds and are so incredibly responsive, that you put those headphones on and dive head first into the experience. The headphones are blasting, you type and click like your life depends on it (and it probably does in the game), you focus everything in the action, but something happens in the room you are in that makes you jump out of your own hide!

At least that’s what happened to this gamer dad! Twitch streamer JurassicJunkieLive has been streaming his game playing session to about 100 followers, until he started playing Outlast 2. That’s when he learned that the internet likes to see a full grown man being scared shitless like a kid, by a kid.

The gamer dad said on Reddit: "Due to my headphones I never heard her enter the room. At this point a crow jumped up in the game and made me scream, I then looked down to see a devil child looking back at me and screamed [bloody] murder". Now his group of followers grew from 100 to 2400.