GoPro on dog's back captures excitement of snowy fun

Published July 22, 2017 2,033 Plays $3.70 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs have so much energy and love to run around anytime they can. This husky named Max loves to run and play in the snow. It doesn't look like he gets cold very easily. He loves the fresh air! A GoPro is placed on the back of Max and records every fun moment he has playing in the snow! This is such a unique perspective to see. We get to join in on Max's adventure, this is pretty cool. We don't usually get to see eye level with a dog, but with the GoPro we can! Lucky for us!

As Max is let outside, he immediately start running across the snow, he ends up rolling around, completely covering himself with the snow. So hilarious! The view looks beautiful, the sun is shining down on Max as he runs around in his favourite place. It looks like he is taking in every moment of this view, he loves everything about this adventure. Eventually its time to go home, but Max can't wait until tomorrow when he can go out and roll around in the snow again!

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