Munchkin the Teddy Bear loves peanut butter!

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPeanut butter is so delicious! Why go through one container at a time, when you can lick through three containers all at once! So much more efficient! Munchkin is so cute with her teddy bear outfit on! Munchkin looks like a real teddy bear in her adorable outfit! She is going to need some more peanut butter very soon, it looks like she is going through those containers very fast! Munchkin is probably a pro taste tester when it comes to peanut butter, if you ever need advice on which peanut butter brand is better, Munchkin is definitely the puppy you'll want to ask! This teddy bear loves peanut butter!

Munchkin doesn't only enjoy eating peanut butter, she also enjoys playing fetch with her owner! It doesn't get much cuter than a puppy in a teddy bear costume running for a ball, so precious! Munchkin also loves to go to the beach! What a great place to get a fabulous tan! She loves to show off her cool costume to the people around her, some of them must have thought she was a real teddy bear, so funny! She loves to run in the sand and make sand castles, awesome!

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