Eagle eye view of British Columbia's stunning mountain range

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Published: July 21, 2017Updated: July 24, 2017

Such a spectacular view! Kevin soars above these breathtaking mountains of British Columbia in a glider, amazing! This is definitely a million dollar view, you don't get the chance to see this every day. Lucky for us, we are able to see this spectacular view through an eagle eye view! At the start of Kevin's flight, he climbs to 6000', turning as he does this. While he turns, we can see the beautiful view below, it is incredible. Kevin reaches 8000' feet to level off and enjoys both the ride and view.

He enjoys three hours up in the air, before having to head back home. With this view, the time probably went by so fast! Landing is always the most critical and tricky part of the flight, but Kevin is a pro as he has been flying for over two years now, awesome! What a great adventure this was! Kevin is very lucky he gets this opportunity. If only we were all trained pilots, then we could see a view like this with our own eyes. At least we have Kevin's point of view, so beautiful!

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