A Hilarious Compilation Of 19 Super Smart Animals Showing Useful Tricks

AFV Published July 21, 2017 656 Plays

Rumble We all love our pets, that is a given. They shower us with their unconditional love and provide constant companionship, as we do for them. Once in awhile (some more often than others, of course) they do their usual shenanigans, making us laugh our socks off and make these incredibly hilarious and viral videos! They act silly and we love them for it!

But sometimes our pets can surprise us with their smarts and intelligence! Don't believe us? Wait until you see these adorable animals pull some super smart tricks! From winning shell games to learning to open up refrigerators, you won't be able to deny how clever these animals are!

Our animal friends are able to learn most of the stuff we do by just watching and imitating. If they figure out that opening the fridge door will get them a forbidden treat, they will watch closely until they figure it out. This way they feel like part of the pack - if they do what the alpha does, it will help them get closer to the alpha. It is pretty simple, really.

Yet, some of these furbabies have learned to open doors, like the sheep, or scratch their butts with a rope, like the dog in the following clip, just because it suits them. Why bite and scratch your butt with your teeth, when a rope does such a splending job?

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